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Useful Stove Information

The Stove Hut is dedicated to providing you with the perfect woodburning stove for your home.  We can tailor your stove to your decor and heat requirements.  You can choose colours, trims and many more additional options to build your perfect look, unique to your style and home.  Whether you have a farmhouse or modern home, we stock stoves for every look and feel.

Would you like some help choosing? Send us a message, we are always happy to give advice.

A woodburning stove has other names, wood burner, log burner but the basic principle is that it is a heating appliance capable of burning wood and wood-derived biomass fuel, such as sawdust bricks.  Stoves have gradually spread in use being very popular today.  A stove is connected by a pipe connected to a flue which will safely draw out the gases out of your chimney.  Air supply and flow controls are essential for the safe and efficient operation of a stove.

Multi-fuel stoves are very popular in the UK, they burn solid fuels including wood, coal and peat.  Multi-fuel stoves are typically made of steel or cast iron.

Safe operation of a woodburning stove requires regular maintenance such as emptying the ash container.  Routine chimney sweeping is also advised to prevent chimney fires.

The UK has Smoke Control Areas regulated by Defra.  More information from Defra can be found here.

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