Aduro 9.5 wood burning stove


With the Aduro 9.5 wood burning stove’s the aim was to create a tall stove – 120 cm – with a raised combustion chamber. This makes it easier to operate and provides a perfect
view into the flames.



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Aduro 9.5 wood burning stove


The Aduro 9.5 wood burning stove is a tall stove with an impressively large glass area. In this model the combustion chamber has been raised in order to achieve easier handling and a perfect view of the flames. In spite of the height the soft and organic lines give an air of lightness to the stove. Underneath the combustion chamber there is a large storage area behind the door. This stove has the same effective combustion chamber which is found in the other wood burning stoves in the Aduro series. And the unique Aduro-tronic technology makes the stove easy to operate. The 9-5 is also a C02 neutral heat source which lives up the strictest environmental criteria.


Aduro Stoves

Aduro develops, produces, and markets wood burning stoves, hybrid stoves and pellet stoves and has successfully achieved a position amongst the five largest manufactures of wood burning stoves in Europe. They specialize in developing high-technology stoves with modern combustion principles which also are user-friendly. There innovative solutions have led to patents on several products. And it is there vision to keep being front-runners on the market. They do not compromise with product quality, and always seek to combine aesthetics with attractive prices. This is why more than 400,000 Europeans have an Aduro stove in their homes.



Output6kW Nominal 3kW – 9kW
Suitable for 12mm hearthYes
Fuel TypeWood
Flue Diameter150mm / 6″
Flue OutletTop / Rear
Warranty5 Years
Smoke ExemptYes
Distance to Non-CombustiblesRear: 50mm  Sides: 50mm
Distance to CombustiblesRear: 75mm
Sides: 700mmFurniture: 1000mm


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