Aduro 9.5 woodburning stove


With the Aduro 9.5 the aim was to create a tall stove – 120 cm – with a raised combustion chamber. This makes it easier to operate and provides a perfect
view into the flames. the 9.5 will match the style well in a room that is open to the ridge beam or has scissor trusses. The stove comes with a large storage space with door.


The Aduro 9-5 is a tall stove with an impressively large glass area. In this model the combustion chamber has been raised in order to achieve easier handling and a perfect view of the flames. In spite of the height the soft and organic lines give an air of lightness to the stove. Underneath the combustion chamber there is a large storage area behind the door. This stove has the same effective combustion chamber which is found in the other wood burning stoves in the Aduro series. And the unique Aduro-tronic technology makes the oven easy to operate, the 9-5 is a C02 neutral heat source which lives up the strictest environmental criteria.

Nominal power                                                                                                          6,0 kW

Fuel                                                                                                                           wood

Operational area                                                                                                       3-9 kW

Heats                                                                                                                        30-140 m2

Energy efficiency                                                                                                       81,3%

Flue outlet top/rear                                                                                                    150 mm

Dimension (HxWxD)                                                                                                  120 x 50 x 44,7 cm

DTC Behind                                                                                                               15 cm

DTC At side                                                                                                                70 cm

DTC Behind stove with insulated flue pipe                                                                 10 cm

DTC To furniture                                                                                                          90 cm

Additional information

Defra Approved




Flue Outlet

Rear, Top

Flue Size

6 inch

Heat Output



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