Cast Tec Norvik 5


The Norvik 5 is an attractive cast-iron stove which punches well above its weight with an 80% efficiency producing an A+ rating on the energy efficiency index. Models from 2017 have a vermiculite brick interior replacing the less efficient cast-iron brick interior of the pre-2017 models


The Cast Tec Norvik 5 is a versatile multifuel stove. It fits into most styles of decor and it has a standard multifuel grate that allows it to burn smokeless fuels, wood and peat.
The tertiary air system mixes pre-heated air with the exhaust gases allowing the exhaust gas to re-ignite producing a cleaner and more efficient stove.

Height                                                  614mm

Width                                                   432mm

Depth                                                   381mm

Output Range                                      4.9kw

Efficiency                                             81%

Hearth Requirement                            12mm

Weight                                                  99kg

Flue Diameter                                      125mm

Smoke Exempt?                                   Yes

DTC rear                                               750mm

DTC sides                                              750mm


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