CastTec Nevis Edge 5


The Nevis 5 Edge is similar to its sister stove the Nevis 5 but brings a more minimalistic and contemporary look yet the same specifications and robust performance.


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The Nevis Edge is a sister to our popular Nevis 5 cast-iron stove bringing a more minimalistic and contemporary look yet the same specifications and robust performance. Designed and engineered to be efficient and kind to the environment, this 5kW freestanding stove has a multi-fuel grate that allows it to burn seasoned wood or smokeless fuels. The Nevis Edge is also DEFRA smoke control exempt.



CastTec have been supplying quality cast iron fireplaces and stoves to the UK heating industry for over 25 years. Using there long established foundries, which are renowned for quality castings and steel products. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, CastTec stoves are highly efficient (up to 80%). Also with low carbon emissions to comply with EcoDesign 2022 regulations and DEFRA exemptions. Allowing all of there stoves to be installed in smoke control areas.

CastTec stoves also benefit from Triple Burn Technology, consisting of a Primary Air Control a Secondary Airwash Lever and a Tertiary air System. There stoves are manufactured using only premium grade cast-iron and heavy gauge steel enabling them to be robust enough to last for
many years when used with care and attention. For this reason they offer a conditional 10 year warranty covering your stove body.


Fuel TypeMulti-fuel
Suitable for 12mm hearthNo
Flue Diameter125mm / 5″
Warranty1 Year
Smoke ExemptYes
Distance to Non-CombustiblesRear: 50mm  Sides: 50mm
Distance to CombustiblesRear: 850mm
Sides: 600mmCorner: 60mm


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