Clock Blithfield 8

As the big brother to the original Blithfield, the Clock Blithfield 8 provides a larger than average view of the fire through the air-washed glass and boasts one of the most precise controls over the burn rate and flame pattern of any stove on the market. With a nominal output of 8kW it suits larger rooms.


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Clock Blithfield 8


The Clock Blithfield 8 stove is the second largest Blithfield and packs a punch, it also boats a larger glass and is very controllable. Every Clock stove is 100% British made both sourced and manufactured in the UK. The Clock Blithfield 8 is available in 6 different colours. Other optional extras are brass or stainless Steel Fittings, direct air kit and also a heat shield. Please call for a price on this stove.




Clock are proud of there British heritage, all there stoves are designed and built in the UK. Additionaly There first model was commissioned by Blithfield Hall in Staffordshire; which is how there range got its name! All there wood burning and multi-fuel stoves boast there unique’clockwork’ control; making there stoves one of the most controllable in terms of flame/heat output on the market. Eco-design is the European-wide programme to lower emissions. It is due to come into force for stoves in the UK in 2022. There stoves not only meet, but beat, industry regulations for performance.


Output8kW Nominal 5-10kW Range
Suitable for 12mm hearthNo
Fuel TypeMulti-fuel
Flue Diameter150mm / 6″
Flue OutletTop / Rear
Warranty7 Years
Smoke ExemptYes
Distance to Non-CombustiblesRear: 100mm  Sides: 100mm
Distance to CombustiblesRear: 650mm
Sides: 600mm

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