Mi Medium Solway


The Mi Medium Solway is a robust 5Kw multifuel stove. Designed and assembled in the UK it is smoke control are exempt and EcoDesign 2022.


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Mi Medium Solway


The Mi Medium Solway is a multifuel 5 kW stove that is EcoDesign 2022 and is Smoke Control Area Exempt. It also has efficiencies of 75.6% burning wood logs and 86.5% burning approved smokeless mineral fuel. Designed and assembled in the UK. The body of the stove is made from high grade steel with a durable cast iron door and benefits from easy to use and highly controllable independent primary and secondary air controls. The direct air kit comes as standard.

Mi Fires


Mi-Fires is one of the UK largest manufacturers of Stoves, Fireplaces, Flues & Stove Accessories. They also supply a range of European and Scandinavian stoves many with a Contemporary look. Mi Fires like to name there stoves after well known landmarks across the UK, they also have a peaks range and lakes range. Additionaly Most of Mi’s stoves are designed and assembled in the UK, Smoke control exempt and EcoDesign 2022 compliant.


Suitable for 12mm hearthNo
Flue Diameter125mm
Smoke ExemptYes
Distance to Non-CombustiblesRear: 100mm  Sides: 100mm
Distance to CombustiblesRear 500mm
Sides 600mm


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