Termatech TT20


The TT20 is the ranges’ slim entry model. The stove has straight steel sides painted black or grey.
It’s so easy to operate the stove that anyone will soon get used to it. You only need to adjust the air at one place and can immediately see the effect in the flames.



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Termatech TT20


The Termatech TT20 is among there most popular stoves and it is no surprise why, the highest Scandinavian quality and style mixed with great efficiency and modern technology. Among its features are a vented cool touch handle that never gets hot, cast iron body and door for durability and stability. The deep combustion chamber means that ash and sparks cannot fall out.



Termatech was founded in 2003 and supply to over 2000 European wood burning stove suppliers. With beautiful but simplistic Scandinavian design, Termatech stoves guarantee you the highest quality at a competitive price. The basic philosophy behind there products, besides establishing a balance between quality and price, is to focus on design, technology, function and the environment. It is important that there stoves are not only appealing to the eye, but that they are user and environmentally friendly as well. All There wood-burning stoves are approved by and meet the most stringent requirements in Europe.


Fuel                                 Wood only
Top flue fitting                  150mm (6″)
Smoke exempt                 Yes
Efficiency                          83%
Heat Output nominal        5kW
Heat Output range           3 – 7kw
DTC back                        150mm
DTC sides                       350mm
Height                             1045mm
Width                              478mm
Depth                              419mm

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